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#Domagick Day 13: Serving Lilith Q&A

Engaged in a little Question and Answer tonight about Lilith, and some about life in general.

Q: How did She call to you?

A: It’s strange, it’s one of those things I just knew. One day I didn’t really know Her (or just knew of Her), and then suddenly, I just had to know Her more. It’s like it was never an option to not. 

You need to have an EXCEEDING amount of respect for Her, not like how some people casually invoke this or that God/ess or demon. 
I had heard of Her, but I was working more with the Greek pantheon so that was it. When I wanted to pick a magical name, something like 10 years ago, I did a ritual I read in a book. The name Lilit was in my head, and then I took a walk around the neighborhood. In the south, it’s common to put a sign in your yard with your kid’s name and jersey number on it, to sort of cheer them on (high school sports, super important in Texas lol). Well I came across a sign for “Lili.” That was LONG before I started to work with Lilith, and She’d already picked me.

Q: How do you go about calling Her?

A: I reach Her best in trance/meditation, full rituals work too but not as well, for me anyway. Are you familiar with using enns? Hers is “Renich viasa avage Lilith lirach.” If you’re not familiar with enns, there’s good information out there and ritual ideas.

I’m a member of Ordo Al-Ghoul, they teach the Rosary to Lilith for women as a method to raise energy and build power, and when you reach the 2nd level of the Order, they teach a method of evocation (along with other things). I’ve had luck with their method. S. Connolly’s “Complete Book of Demonolatry” is a great resource I’ve used too.

Ordo Al-Ghoul Evocation Setup

Q: What have you overcome? How did you do it? What helped you the most? How can you relate that back to the needs of others?

A: Long story short, I’ll try to keep it short anyway! I was VERY ill for years from Crohn’s disease. All of my teenage years. I was looking at major surgery, and my doctor advised me to strengthen my abdominal section to help recover quicker. So I took up belly dancing. Loved it. Got so strong, they were shocked, I recovered and never needed any surgery at all.

Years forward, I finished college (theater arts degree) and started my business as a professional dancer and teacher, teaching women Goddess based belly dance. I own another business now, but learned all my skills from that first business of mine, and how it felt to empower women and lift them up toward health, confidence and spiritual awakening.

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#DoMagick Day 12: Lilith in Tarot


Beginning a new week, as I committed to, I drew a new tarot spread. 

I decided to use a new spread, which I liked, because it draws upon the magical pentagram imagery. I won’t dive into each card’s meaning, you can read about the spread here 

The first surprise was that it was drenched in Goddess imagery. The Empress, the whore of Babylon (Lilith) appeared as my significator. Also back from last week was Ashtaroth. They were joined this week by the Goddess Sekhmet-Bast and Her overflowing blessings.

I spent some time this week really looking at the card imagery. I love the Four of Wands from my deck; the dancing slave girl was reminiscent of my full moon ritual this past week. But my eye was drawn back to Lilith.

Specifically, Her eye. I’ve been reading much this week, from a new grimoire I just recieved (and absolutely adore), Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra. On the cover of the book is imagery of the Eye of Lilith. Take a closer look:

The boom is robust with articles about Lilith, including one on Opening the Eye of Lilith.

On my deck, the dark Necronomicon Tarot, Empress Lilith also emerges from a distinctly similar eye. 

Well, as I lounged in my bath and read Lilith Goddess of Sitra Ahra, I came to a realization. 

What the Eye of Lilith truly looks like is the Yoni. Also the entrance to the womb; the female sex. Lilith is the Dark Goddess of sex and seduction. This all makes sense. Knowing Lilith is, in part, knowing the Yoni. Whether, as a woman, this is knowing yourself, or as a male, knowing Lilith at either a carnal (or even a higher level of true intimacy)–well, use your imagination!

It makes clear sense to me why the Empress of tarot, the figure of fertility, should be Lilith. At least, in my life, She is the true Queen.

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#DoMagick Day 11: Electrified

When my grandfather passed away a couple years back, I knew the moment he passed on. We were just lounging in our bedroom with the TV on when every light in the house turned on at once. Every lamp, every switch, everything was clicked on throughout the two levels and the basement. Grandpa had been sick and in the hospital, so I knew that was his time. A phone call in the morning confirmed it.

I was reading James Hall’s book “Sangoma” in college anthropology, and he talked about how spirits often operate through lights and electricity. In his spiritual journey, he’d find street lights would blow put as he passed under them, often many in a row. I’ve found the same thing.

Lilith is a daemon spirit who also manifests as electricity and lightning, I have found. I saw Her once in an evocation/meditation as radiating electricity and lightning from Her hands and face. Similar to the picture above. (I found the picture that day so I wouldn’t forget.) After an evening ritual once recently, lightning ripped by my window and through the shade it looked like a figure. I felt it was Her.

Well today, I did a small and brief evocation to Her, to start the new week. (It was the evocation we perform in my Order, Ordo al-Ghoul, if you’re intetested i can send you more information, and/or the e-book is available on Amazon.) Soon after, I heard thunder rumble in the distance. The clouds came in like a wave, and despite no rain in the forecast, we experienced a strong lightning storm. 

Lilith is not subtle!

Hail Lilith, hail the Dark Goddess, and have an electrifying week!


#DoMagick Day 10: Dancing in the Light of the Full Moon

Today I did something I haven’t done in a while, not since I had my baby.

I spent the day focusing on dancing.

Dancing can be a way to spiritually connect with the Divine. It is an ancient art form that is particularly (though not exclusively) feminine. It is said that movements in the hips and belly mimic childbirth, especially dancing during the full moon cycle when Selene is at her most pregnant and full.

Lilith, in Arabic, means “of the Night.” Dancing under the full moon feels especially primal and sensual. I recommend everyone try at least once!

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#DoMagick Day Nine: Full Moon Ritual for Prosperity (…When Everything Goes Wrong!)

My Ritual 

(To banish objections and other blockages in business and for prosperity)

Light four black candles (or your color of choice) around a pentacle. I invert my pentacle, so as to draw the power down to me. Light a red candle for Lilith. Use a sigil or other image (I use my statue) to represent Her in the circle. 

Pass your athame through each flame of the elementals, reciting their enns. Call forth Lilith.

Light a gold candle to banish objections and blockages. Take a moment to observe the flame and breathe in the scent. Recite/say a prayer for prosperity. (I sometimes write these words in advance, sometimes I make it up as I go.)

Charge a piece of carnelian with the power to keep you motivated and focused, and to draw forth prosperity when you hold it.

Thank and release each daemon and the Goddess.

My Results

My ritual, as they often are, was a comedy of errors. I recited an enn incorrectly, and worse, accidentally snuffed out one of the candles with my athame. Oops!

I once read, in a book by Stacey Demarco (“The Modern Witch), that sometimes the rituals with mistakes are the most effective. I’ve DEFINITELY found this to be true. I suppose, they are done honestly and with heart. 

Stay tuned after the weekend to see how my results turned out!

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#Domagick Day Eight: Living a Magickal Life

I spent yesterday how I spend most my days: performing daily ritual, focusing largely on the yoga and breathing exercises; caring for my baby and my little familiar, and moving through my day mindfully. While looking outside my bay window at one point, I noticed a tiny, infant bunny. It got me to thinking.

Making wishes on my wedding day

We, in this lifestyle, choose to live a magical life. While spellcraft and ritual are great, every day, every moment, when lived with mindfulness and intent, are magical. For instance, many people would’ve seen the rabbit, maybe even stopped and watched for a moment. But for me, I recognized it as a comforting sign from the fertility Goddess that all would be alright, and I — we — would be cared for. Seeing the little things in life as omens, not just happenstances, makes life so much richer and more meaningful. That’s the thing I love most about this path I’ve chosen to walk.

Today is the full moon, a time filled with bold power, and boy am I feeling it. My baby sleeps so much less at this time (and I’m not the only one). Living a magical life also means being attuned to the rhythm of the cycle of the earth. I feel cycles are feminine, related to the Goddess. Lilith was Queen of the Heavens and a moon Goddess, before Her name was slandered. (Reference Dr. Barbara Koltuv’s book, the Book of Lilith.) I use a lot of cosmic and moon imagery on my altar, relating to Her. So I plan to do a full moon ritual (which I’ll write about later or tomorrow morning, of course) even if it is as simple as lighting a candle and offering up a prayer.

Here is a simple prayer I wrote a while back:

Ágimus tibi gratias, Lilith, Regína Immortalis
pro universis beneficiis tuis.

(We give thee thanks, Lilith, Immortal Queen
For all your blessings unto us.)


#Domagick Day Seven: How To Get Rich, Good Looking, Find Love, Control Minds and More Through Magic

Some would say it can’t be done. I’m going to tell you how.

The only kind of writing is rewriting.

Ernest Hemingway

WHY start an essay about magic with a quote about writing? Well, I’ll get into that. 

But first, let’s talk a bit about physics and mathematics. (If you’ve read my introduction, “Meet Lili,” you may remember I have a Master’s degree in which I studied a lot of the latter, so pardon me while I geek out a bit.) The entire universe is based on perception. Your perception. Time, for instance, is not a constant; time can bend and change based on where you are in the universe at that moment, and how your mind biochemically perceives events. This is similar to how we perceive others, our surroundings — a shade of blue, for instance, can be three different colors to three different people (dealing with the internal self), and a different shade on a different day to one person, should their eyes be watery or infected (dealing with the external self) or the light quality change (dealing with external surroundings).

Ok, what the hell Lili, you were going to talk about magic, now you’re talking about Hemingway and Einstein. I’m tempted to skim to the “good stuff.”

Well, both of them described the natural world around them. Magic is a part of, and in ways a manipulation of, the natural world. This IS the “good stuff.”

Magic occurs in three ways.

  • Manipulation of the internal self
  • Manipulation of the external self
  • Manipulation of external surroundings (including others).

For instance, gaining wealth, or parochially, “getting rich” is done through a mix of manipulation of the internal self (I’ll explain) and of course, manipulation of external surroundings. Becoming good looking, losing weight, getting a better body, anything along those lines is also a manipulation of the internal self, and manipulation of the external self. Controlling minds, time travelling, psychokinesis, psychism, things in those fields are manipulation of the internal self and external surroundings (similar to our wealth example).

The unifying thread common in all these examples is, manipulation of the internal self. Essentially, to change the world around you and to change your experience, you change yourself and your perception first. 

You rewrite your own story.

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