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#DoMagick Day 12: Lilith in Tarot


Beginning a new week, as I committed to, I drew a new tarot spread.

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#DoMagick Day 11: Electrified

When my grandfather passed away a couple years back, I knew the moment he passed on. We were just lounging in our bedroom with the TV on when every light in the house turned on at once. Every lamp, every switch, everything was clicked on throughout the two levels and the basement. Grandpa had been sick and in the hospital, so I knew that was his time. A phone call in the morning confirmed it.

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#Domagick Day Eight: Living a Magickal Life

I spent yesterday how I spend most my days: performing daily ritual, focusing largely on the yoga and breathing exercises; caring for my baby and my little familiar, and moving through my day mindfully. While looking outside my bay window at one point, I noticed a tiny, infant bunny. It got me to thinking.

Making wishes on my wedding day

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#Domagick Day Three: Shapeshifter

I had a very detailed, specific, and memorable lucid dream on the astral plane where I shapeshifted into another woman. Not where I WAS another woman, but where I was myself but in a replica of her body. I got to experience her life, her home, her acquaintances, and all her setbacks and failures. (Biggest takeaway, it’s cliche but I truly felt it: money and fame do not bide happiness.)

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#Domagick Day 2: Charging the Lilith Sigil

This past week, I was SO excited to receive the sigil necklace of Lilith I’ve been wanting since starting my practice! I finally found the reason to buy it for myself, and just loved receiving it in the mail.

I wanted to start my June month of magic with a proper charging of the sigil. I’m familiar with the ritualistic burning of paper sigils, but what about one more permanent?
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