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#Domagick Day 13: Serving Lilith Q&A

Engaged in a little Question and Answer tonight about Lilith, and some about life in general.

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#DoMagick Day 11: Electrified

When my grandfather passed away a couple years back, I knew the moment he passed on. We were just lounging in our bedroom with the TV on when every light in the house turned on at once. Every lamp, every switch, everything was clicked on throughout the two levels and the basement. Grandpa had been sick and in the hospital, so I knew that was his time. A phone call in the morning confirmed it.

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#Domagick Day Eight: Living a Magickal Life

I spent yesterday how I spend most my days: performing daily ritual, focusing largely on the yoga and breathing exercises; caring for my baby and my little familiar, and moving through my day mindfully. While looking outside my bay window at one point, I noticed a tiny, infant bunny. It got me to thinking.

Making wishes on my wedding day

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A Healing Ritual to Lilith

Good news! It looks like my animal friend is going to make a complete recovery! Thank you all for your kind words and keeping him in your thoughts and magic.

I wanted to share the ritual I did for healing. 

I used one of S. Connolly’s rituals to cast a circle, adapting it a bit. She writes to light a candle for each elemental daemon, moving in a circle. I like to put 5 black and red candles in an inverted pentagram, the 5th representing spirit. 

Then I passed my athame through the flames and smoke of each candle, reciting the enns for each. (She suggests passing the athame through incense, though I can’t burn incense, so that’s an adaptation I made.) 

Finally, for the ritual portion, I summoned Lilith with her sigil (in the center), and enn. I took my athame and, with him sitting next to me like he always does, I placed my athame on his head and asked the Goddess for healing for him. Then I pointed my athame and asked for health for everyone in my household. Then I closed the circle.

So yesterday I spoke with his vet, and she expects full recovery. He wishes you all a happy spring!



Have you ever felt completely changed from a ritual? It’s not often that it happens, but I have felt it once or twice. And I am feeling it now, to a degree I’ve never felt it before.

Since the vernal equinox occurred in the early hours of this morning, I decided to do my ritual last night. I did the following:

– Took a ritual bath (serves to cleanse the self)

– Read a beautiful prayer to Lilith (I usually write my rituals personally, but I found this one online and loved it. I think you should choose one that speaks to you.)

– Meditated on my own personal vows to Her

– Practiced breath work (see more below)

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Metamorphosis: An Encounter with Lilith

I finally saw Lilith last night.

You have to keep in mind, I took Her name about 8 or 9 years ago. As a dancer studying kundalini, and a women’s rights activist, the snake goddess of female empowerment has always been significant to me.

Well, She finally appeared to me. It was brief, and She didn’t communicate — yet communicated volumes.

Lilith appeared to me with black and red butterfly wings.

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Quoth the Raven

I was meditating on Lilith (I should meditate every day, but I’m afraid I only do when I feel I need it). So I was meditating on Lilith and focusing with all my ability on my intention: for her to help me and my family with our work and meeting our needs. I don’t usually open my eyes while meditating, but I did, and saw a shadowy shape of a raven.

Now I know there are a few raven or raven-headed demons, I’ve read about them but I wasn’t sure who it was. So I focused my meditation on Lilith, and the Raven Demon. 

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