#Domagick Meditative Acts Day One and Two: Lighter Already

Perhaps I’m too busy for this challenge…or perhaps it’s coming at just the right time.

Do you ever feel like you’re standing on a diving board, toes to the edge, ready to jump, but paralyzed? Maybe it’s too high and you think you’ll get hurt. Maybe you don’t know what you’re jumping into, or if it’s deep enough. Maybe you’re afraid of how you’ll look and feel.

Or maybe the board is in your mind, and there is no water.

Either way, you look at your toes and the depths below and…do you jump?

Right now, I don’t know how to dive. (Literally and figuratively, ha!) I feel like I’m staring at my toes, wanting to be somewhere else, but jumping in means letting go of the safety of where I am standing. I wish I could stretch my arms and wings in a beautiful, arching swan dive. But i dont know how to do this.

I was going to meditate on the qlippoth for this challenge. But as the start came around, and I began practicing sitting in silence, it didn’t seem to fit any more. Really, nothing does seem to fit right. I feel out of place. My body has gained pounds that don’t sit right. My spirituality doesn’t feel like it embraces my Self. Nothing just…fits.

It is like the Story of the Lobster.

So, I’ve been sitting. Sitting with silence, sitting with the voice of the Divine. My first night I had a vision, of an angel with beautiful black feathery wings. (Perhaps Lilith dropped in again?) I enjoyed her beauty and let her go. The second night, I had the same vision.

What is this dark angel trying to tell me? I don’t know. So I gave something a try. I started discarding. Vampiric friends, half assed commitments, even stuff I didn’t need on the physical plane. It was a start. I feel lighter already.

But I still feel my toes on the board. I’m afraid to jump, more though, I’m afraid I don’t know how to.


#Domagick Day 30: Challenge Completed and Just Beginning…

Today is the last day of the month, and of 30 Days of Magic for me. I’m reflecting a lot back on the month and my spiritual journey. 

To start with, I indexed the topics I wrote about. You can see that below.

Somewhere about 3/4 in, I experienced a bend in the river. The change was when I stopped doing magic to change something in my life, and instead started working with the water element, and changing something in MYSELF. I just feel a pull, that is where the greatest and most meaningful transformation can happen for me. That is why I say, I feel I’m just beginning…


Ritual baths and ritual dress / undressing: Day 1

Charging ritual jewelry / Lilith sigil: Day 2

Shapeshifting and shamanic journeying: Day 3

Tarot: Day 4Day 12Day 17 & 18Day 19 & 20Day 27

Performing magic on the astral plane (with the mind): Day 5 and 6

Self-Deification: Day 7

Living a magical life: Day 8Day 14-16Day 17 & 18

Prayer to Lilith: Day 8

Prosprerity full moon ritual: Day 9

Belly dance in magical practice: Day 10Day 19

Weather magic as connecting with deity: Day 11

Sex magic and the Eye of Lilith: Day 12

How the Goddess calls and calling the Goddess: Day 13

Litha ritual to the Kemetic Goddesses: Day 21

Siren and mermaid oracle: Day 22 and 23Day 24Day 29

Tidal magic: Day 25-26

Dark moon / new moon ritual: Day 25-26

Life currents: Day 28

Journey’s End Oracle

Seashell Divination:


Openness (receptive) to love and courage 

Directive to creativity and abundance. There is a correlation there. A subsequent throw clearly indicated future success. 

Rexeptiveness pointing toward joy.

(Confused by the openness and closure on location – cancels each other out? Also need to read into tree oracles more to fully understand throw.)

Signing off, for now…

Tiger Lili

#Domagick Day 28 & 29: Life Currents

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on currents, and how they change. I learned, this new moon, how to roll with the tides. How to take the ebbs and the flow of tides as cycles in life. 
Day 28

Today I started the day lighting the Goddess candle, a practice I used to do more but have laxed on. We had steady rain — the air currents had changed and brought in wet weather to soak the earth — so that made the morning candles look so beautiful and apropos to light a candle to the Sea Goddess of the waters.

I finished the rest of my morning ritual, including ringing the singing bowl, chanting and meditating on prayers.

Day 29

Today is a special day, it is my (only) baby’s birthday. Along with daily chanting, with prayers for my baby, I drew a very special oracle card.

The pregnant mermaid card was beautiful imagery that grounded me and made my (already full) heart feel so warm. The message of the card was a positive one for the coming year with my child, predicting “enjoying a time of great good health and of close and nurturing [relationships]..life for a time becomes very simple.”

#Domagick Day 27: Tarot and Tea Tuesday 

Already Tuesday again? The countdown to the end of the challenge begins…

I normally ask for general life guidance, but since this is the last week of the month, I drew a special card, asking for guidance on my spiritual journey going forward. I drew the Moon.

From Biddy Tarot (emphasis mine):

The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious. The Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun, yet this light is dim, uncertain, and only vaguely illuminates our path as we journey toward higher consciousness. The pool at the base of the card represents the subconscious mind and the crayfish that crawls out of the pool symbolises the early stages of consciousness unfolding. This creature also represents the often disturbing images that appear from our inner depths, just as the dog and wolf at the beginning of the path represent the tamed and the wild aspects of our minds. The path leads between two towers into the mountains in the distance, showing the way to the unconsciousness. The astrological sign associated with this card is Pisces – psychic, receptive and mysterious.

#Domagick Day 24-26: Tidal Magic and Dark Moon Ritual

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit these past couple days on water magic, the tides, the dark moon, and transformation. I’ve been doing the #Domagick Challenge (www.magical30.com) again this month because of the powerful transformative changes I experienced during the last challenge. This month I have as well, perhaps even more so.

Day 24

Day 24 brought new additions to my altar: a Burney Relief replica for my dark moon Goddess Lilith, and a new seashell candle I made for the dark moon. 

It was the day of the big event I’ve been writing about. I kept my siren card in mind as I truly did experience “Freedom,” freedom from many of my self-imposed restrictions, self-hate, and demons. 

Day 25

Reflecting after the event. As social events always go, I had more fun than I thought I would. This time it was in part because I straightened my back and held the oracle card in my mind’s eye.

Before dawn broke, I performed a dark moon / new moon ritual. I lit all my black candles, including the new one I’d made, and my candles to the Sea Goddess. And I gave an earnest petition. 

Something potent had happened to me, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what. 

Day 26

I’ve been reflecting a lot today on the tides, tidal magic, and what it means to practice water magic.

I’ve long worked with water, living right on the river, and having spent time as an aquarist working with sea life. Water magic includes:

  • Water rituals
  • Tidal magic
  • Weather magic
  • Honoring water (and lunar, see below) deities, spirits, etc.
  • Seashell, stones, and other divination methods
  • Working with water elementals (including undines and mermaids) and sea life totems / shamanic guides

Tidal magic is what I tapped into these past couple days. The tides correspond with the moon. When the moon is new or full, She is in straight alignment with the earth and the tides are their most powerful. And just as the moon waxes and wanes, so too do the tides ebb and flow, and magic either grows or releases.

  • Spring tides: during the full or new moon, when low tides are their lowest and high tides are their highest
  • Neap tides: during the first or third quarter, when there is the least difference between the tides

Similarly to how witches may follow the moon patterns to enhance their magical workings, you can also follow the tides throughout the day.

  • Low tide: time for divination and introspective work
  • Rising tide (flood tide or flow tide): time for growing, productive magic
  • High tide: time for manifestation and most potent time for magic
  • Falling tide (ebb tide): time for release or banishment.

The body is mostly water, so the moon affects it, too, according to ancient wisdom.

I had literally tapped into an ability to, as they say, roll with the tides. It sounds silly perhaps, but I didn’t let the overwhelming flows of emotion swamp me. Instead, I flowed with it, and lived in authentic independence, with seductive siren energy (as in, not flirtatious, but attractive-as in, drawing in).

I’m so curious to tap into my inner Sea Goddess further and explore more what water magic can do. I only look forward to the continuing transformation.

#DoMagick Day 22 and 23: The Siren


Day 22 

Today I did do some chanting, which has a way of stopping me in my tracks and re-grounding me. Its quite cool, I dont even need to chant for long. I’ve been studying Kundalini yoga and am going to add some chants to my practice, as well as trying chanting my Patroness’s enn.


Day 23

I’m a mess today. Like I wrote earlier, today is the event day and I’m feeling quite emotional about it. 

So I turned to Tarot and the Oracles.

I drew the Death card. (My heart always stops for a moment when I do!) No surprise there, as this particular wedding of my dear friend is the end of a chapter and the moving into a new one.

I also looked at my Oracle of the Mermaids. This particular deck is inspired by my relationship with Aphrodite, and has a way of speaking to me eerily so (like my tarot deck). 

I drew another skull card.

Tapping my inner Sea Witch has involved tapping my inner siren, I suppose. While this card maybe has unnerving imagery, it has a positive message, and I feel comforted by it. Mostly, because it confirms my tarot reading, and I feel someone is with me. Unsettling symbols don’t bother me, I find beauty in it. Mainly, I find empowerment in it. I suppose I’m less of a Sea Priestess and more of a siren. In this difficult time, I want to take control of the situation, draw on my seductive Divine Feminine power, and go in with confidence and inner strength.