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#Domagick Day 27: Tarot and Tea Tuesday 

Already Tuesday again? The countdown to the end of the challenge begins…

I normally ask for general life guidance, but since this is the last week of the month, I drew a special card, asking for guidance on my spiritual journey going forward. I drew the Moon.

From Biddy Tarot (emphasis mine):

The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious. The Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun, yet this light is dim, uncertain, and only vaguely illuminates our path as we journey toward higher consciousness. The pool at the base of the card represents the subconscious mind and the crayfish that crawls out of the pool symbolises the early stages of consciousness unfolding. This creature also represents the often disturbing images that appear from our inner depths, just as the dog and wolf at the beginning of the path represent the tamed and the wild aspects of our minds. The path leads between two towers into the mountains in the distance, showing the way to the unconsciousness. The astrological sign associated with this card is Pisces – psychic, receptive and mysterious.

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#Domagick Day 24-26: Tidal Magic and Dark Moon Ritual

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit these past couple days on water magic, the tides, the dark moon, and transformation. I’ve been doing the #Domagick Challenge (www.magical30.com) again this month because of the powerful transformative changes I experienced during the last challenge. This month I have as well, perhaps even more so.

Day 24

Day 24 brought new additions to my altar: a Burney Relief replica for my dark moon Goddess Lilith, and a new seashell candle I made for the dark moon. 

It was the day of the big event I’ve been writing about. I kept my siren card in mind as I truly did experience “Freedom,” freedom from many of my self-imposed restrictions, self-hate, and demons. 

Day 25

Reflecting after the event. As social events always go, I had more fun than I thought I would. This time it was in part because I straightened my back and held the oracle card in my mind’s eye.

Before dawn broke, I performed a dark moon / new moon ritual. I lit all my black candles, including the new one I’d made, and my candles to the Sea Goddess. And I gave an earnest petition. 

Something potent had happened to me, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what. 

Day 26

I’ve been reflecting a lot today on the tides, tidal magic, and what it means to practice water magic.

I’ve long worked with water, living right on the river, and having spent time as an aquarist working with sea life. Water magic includes:

  • Water rituals
  • Tidal magic
  • Weather magic
  • Honoring water (and lunar, see below) deities, spirits, etc.
  • Seashell, stones, and other divination methods
  • Working with water elementals (including undines and mermaids) and sea life totems / shamanic guides

Tidal magic is what I tapped into these past couple days. The tides correspond with the moon. When the moon is new or full, She is in straight alignment with the earth and the tides are their most powerful. And just as the moon waxes and wanes, so too do the tides ebb and flow, and magic either grows or releases.

  • Spring tides: during the full or new moon, when low tides are their lowest and high tides are their highest
  • Neap tides: during the first or third quarter, when there is the least difference between the tides

Similarly to how witches may follow the moon patterns to enhance their magical workings, you can also follow the tides throughout the day.

  • Low tide: time for divination and introspective work
  • Rising tide (flood tide or flow tide): time for growing, productive magic
  • High tide: time for manifestation and most potent time for magic
  • Falling tide (ebb tide): time for release or banishment.

The body is mostly water, so the moon affects it, too, according to ancient wisdom.

I had literally tapped into an ability to, as they say, roll with the tides. It sounds silly perhaps, but I didn’t let the overwhelming flows of emotion swamp me. Instead, I flowed with it, and lived in authentic independence, with seductive siren energy (as in, not flirtatious, but attractive-as in, drawing in).

I’m so curious to tap into my inner Sea Goddess further and explore more what water magic can do. I only look forward to the continuing transformation.


#DoMagick Day 22 and 23: The Siren


Day 22 

Today I did do some chanting, which has a way of stopping me in my tracks and re-grounding me. Its quite cool, I dont even need to chant for long. I’ve been studying Kundalini yoga and am going to add some chants to my practice, as well as trying chanting my Patroness’s enn.


Day 23

I’m a mess today. Like I wrote earlier, today is the event day and I’m feeling quite emotional about it. 

So I turned to Tarot and the Oracles.

I drew the Death card. (My heart always stops for a moment when I do!) No surprise there, as this particular wedding of my dear friend is the end of a chapter and the moving into a new one.

I also looked at my Oracle of the Mermaids. This particular deck is inspired by my relationship with Aphrodite, and has a way of speaking to me eerily so (like my tarot deck). 

I drew another skull card.

Tapping my inner Sea Witch has involved tapping my inner siren, I suppose. While this card maybe has unnerving imagery, it has a positive message, and I feel comforted by it. Mostly, because it confirms my tarot reading, and I feel someone is with me. Unsettling symbols don’t bother me, I find beauty in it. Mainly, I find empowerment in it. I suppose I’m less of a Sea Priestess and more of a siren. In this difficult time, I want to take control of the situation, draw on my seductive Divine Feminine power, and go in with confidence and inner strength.

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#Domagick Day 21: Litha

A blessed Litha (Summer Solstice) to all!

I just adore summer. I love all the seasons really, but it is my favorite. I really wanted to honor the beginning of this wonderful season and honor the fullness of manifestation.

I decided to honor the Kemetic Goddesses, particularly the two I work with most, Sekhmet-Bast, as well as the darker spirits to honor the waning aspect of the year. 

I truly felt the presence of the Goddess during my ritual. I played new age and Egyptian music, and as it often does for me, the music swelled at power moments. 

Here is my ritual structure.

I used the opening and invocation from Africa Speaks:

Henhisesui (Hen-He-Se-SWAY)
Spirit of the Eastern Winds
Grant us protection and safe passage (saftey).

Shehbui (Sheh -Be- WAY)
Spirit of the Southern Winds
Grant us protection and safe passage (saftey).


Hutchaiui (Hoot-CHAY-way)

Spirit of the Western Winds

Grant us Protection and safe passage (saftey).

Qebui (Q-BWAY)
Spirit of the Northern Winds
Grant us Protection and safe passage (saftey).

Invocation to Sekhmet

As it was in Kemet,
So be it now!
Hear me, I beseech Thee,
O Powerful Ones!

Mother in the Horizon of Heaven,
In the Boat of Millions of Years,
Thou art the Great Defender!
Thou art Overthrower of our enemies!
Deliver us from
The Abode of Fiends!

Life-Giver to the Gods,
Lady of Flame,
Great one of Magic,
Eternal is Thy Name!





Sekhmet, Sekhmet,
Hear our prayers for destruction,
Grant us new beginnings.

We release you
O Great Sekhmet
To the Throne of Silence
To the father, Ra
In the Boat of the Millions of Years!

Henhisesui (Hen-He-Se-SWAY)
Spirit of the Eastern Winds
We Release you from this sacred Space.

Shehbui (Sheh -Be- WAY)
Spirit of the Southern Winds
We Release you from this sacred space.

Hutchaiui (Hoot-CHAY-way)
Spirit of the Western Winds
We Release you from this sacred space.

Qebui (Q-BWAY)
Spirit of the Northern Winds
We release you from this sacred space.


#Domagick Day 19 and 20: Tuesday Tarot, Tea and Baladi

Day 19 
Today I mostly took a rest from magical practice. I had my health to attend to. For those of you who’ve read, I have Crohn’s disease, which includes more endoscopies and colonoscopies that I’ve cared for — but a necessary evil. So that was my day. But just when I’d about written it off, my new baladi dress and CD arrived in the mail. So I did need to play a bit of dress up! 

Day 20

Today I needed to attend to some emotional issues I’ve been having before the new summer solstice and the week’s end. This weekend is, let’s say, a reunion I’ve been dreading. With the coming date, I’m filled with regret, painful nostalgia, and emotional distress. Reunions should be a happy time. So, why?

I drew a tarot card — the six of cups. It was the perfect card to draw. Says Biddy Tarot:

The Six of Cups is a card of childhood, nostalgia, naïve happiness, and generosity. You want to return to the happy memories of your past, whether as a child, teenager or adult. Oftentimes, though, these memories are indeed a thing of the past and reflect aspects of your life that have since vanished…

Oftentimes, there is nothing wrong with looking back at the good times for inspiration when things are not going so well. In the midst of change and crisis, the Six of Cups suggests that looking back at what you have endured is a good way to assure yourself that, whatever trials lay ahead, you will meet them and you will overcome them as you overcame others. After losses such as those on the Fives, the Six of Cups suggests that you need to take time out to heal, look back on the past and all the good that lies there. During this period of reflection, there is no need to focus on the negative. Instead, bring all of the positive energy from the past into your present and your future.

I’ve been reworking the emotional crisis in my mind, so as to reframe in a way that I can draw positivity and energy from the situation — from MY situation specifically — and move forward with strength and confidence. I ultimately have no regret. I don’t want to question the choices that have gotten me in the position I am in, that, incidentally, I want to be in. Now is not the time to start.

I just realised it is the solstice today. I’ve not prepared a ritual yet, but the perfect one is coming to mind. It is going to be a celebration of the fullness of manifestation. 

I spent some time dancing. I love the new CD; worked up quite a sweat as I let my body go to the rhythms. I’m going to incorporate dance into my ritual for sure. I have a bit more planning to do, though I think that will be a nice way to honor the moment. I’ll be sure to write tomorrow about what I ended up doing.

And of course, for any emotional crisis, there is always tea.


#Domagick Day 17 and 18: Living Intentionally

Day 17

I spent the day, once again, dancing — I have a new piece of music I’m working with and love getting in touch with the Kemetic goddesses through Egyptian folkloric dance. Also been working with a new set of Goddess oracle cards that includes these powerful Goddesses.

Day 18 

I started today like many of us do, harried and tired. But at some point, I remembered–decided–to live magically, and intentionally. (That means being present in the moment, and with purpose.)

So I started to reset for the week. I started with carefully cleaning and sprucing up my altar. I did some chanting. And I drew some tarot cards for the coming week.  

I used the same pentagram spread I used last week and enjoyed so much. The presence of the Beast of Babylon was not surprising. One card i dont pull often was the Moon, which brough an airy, meyaphysical, comforting feel. One other non-surprise, since I’ve been connecting to my Goddess aspect this week, was the presence of the Queen of Cups. For a long time, I’ve felt this card represented my first Patroness, Aphrodite. Followed by an Ace in the middle, I feel positive for the week.

I also pulled a simple spread from the Daemon Tarot. Stolas in the “present” position was a sight. The owl daemon reminds me of Lilith’s owl correlations; symbolic of (similar to the Moon) wisdom and the night. 

I feel good about this coming week, just need to remember to connect and live intentionally.


#Domagick Day 14-16: Midseason Slump

I think almost everyone I’ve observed in the #Domagick 30 Days of Magic challenge, this June, is hitting a mid-month slump–and I am definitely one of them. There’s just something about it. The moon is in its last quarter–the energy of the full moon has worn off, and the dark seduction of the new is far away. It’s more than that, though. I can’t entirely place my finger on it.

I’ve been thinking about discipline, and I’ve decided I just don’t like it. It has such negative connotations. We are disciplined early by our parents–I was raised in the early 80s, so that usually meant hard thumps on the rear end or smacks across the face. As adults, if you face discipline at work, for instance, it’s never good.

Yet as a culture, we extol the virtues of self discipline. The opposite is laziness, and one of those seven deadly sins, sloth. Procrastination and ultimately withdrawl and depression are the walls we put uo to safeguard our spirits. You have one of two options — discipline, this negative word, or guilt, for not having discipline. 

Maybe there’s another option.

All hail Lord Pan! This adorable guy joined my altar this week. I love Pan for many reasons, one that He is God of Music, and two, for His imagery and the correlations he has to early imagery of the Satan, and adversarial magic.

When Pan arrived I honored Him by….realizing I hadn’t practiced my music, one of my commitments in this challenge, for about a week. Gulp. My lack of discipline in full display.

Who was I hurting?


Only me.

Maybe Pan a little bit. 

But really me.

So I read aloud an invocation and pulled out my guitar. I’d forgotten some chords and my fingers hurt. But I chugged through the pieces I’ve been working on for our summer show. (Incidentally one of them, which has become a favorite, is called The Spell.) I also chanted for the first time in just as long. Ugh.

Magic and daily spirituality shouldn’t be, or require, discipline. They are not equal to whallops on the ass. They are gifts to myself. Manifestations toward a better life. 

This week I’m hitting reset. The equinox is coming, and the dark moon, and my son’s first birthday all around the same time. I want to end the month not with discipline, but empowerment. I’m going to try using that word instead.