#Domagick Day 30: Challenge Completed and Just Beginning…

Today is the last day of the month, and of 30 Days of Magic for me. I’m reflecting a lot back on the month and my spiritual journey. 

To start with, I indexed the topics I wrote about. You can see that below.

Somewhere about 3/4 in, I experienced a bend in the river. The change was when I stopped doing magic to change something in my life, and instead started working with the water element, and changing something in MYSELF. I just feel a pull, that is where the greatest and most meaningful transformation can happen for me. That is why I say, I feel I’m just beginning…


Ritual baths and ritual dress / undressing: Day 1

Charging ritual jewelry / Lilith sigil: Day 2

Shapeshifting and shamanic journeying: Day 3

Tarot: Day 4Day 12Day 17 & 18Day 19 & 20Day 27

Performing magic on the astral plane (with the mind): Day 5 and 6

Self-Deification: Day 7

Living a magical life: Day 8Day 14-16Day 17 & 18

Prayer to Lilith: Day 8

Prosprerity full moon ritual: Day 9

Belly dance in magical practice: Day 10Day 19

Weather magic as connecting with deity: Day 11

Sex magic and the Eye of Lilith: Day 12

How the Goddess calls and calling the Goddess: Day 13

Litha ritual to the Kemetic Goddesses: Day 21

Siren and mermaid oracle: Day 22 and 23Day 24Day 29

Tidal magic: Day 25-26

Dark moon / new moon ritual: Day 25-26

Life currents: Day 28

Journey’s End Oracle

Seashell Divination:


Openness (receptive) to love and courage 

Directive to creativity and abundance. There is a correlation there. A subsequent throw clearly indicated future success. 

Rexeptiveness pointing toward joy.

(Confused by the openness and closure on location – cancels each other out? Also need to read into tree oracles more to fully understand throw.)

Signing off, for now…

Tiger Lili


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