#Domagick Day 28 & 29: Life Currents

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on currents, and how they change. I learned, this new moon, how to roll with the tides. How to take the ebbs and the flow of tides as cycles in life. 
Day 28

Today I started the day lighting the Goddess candle, a practice I used to do more but have laxed on. We had steady rain — the air currents had changed and brought in wet weather to soak the earth — so that made the morning candles look so beautiful and apropos to light a candle to the Sea Goddess of the waters.

I finished the rest of my morning ritual, including ringing the singing bowl, chanting and meditating on prayers.

Day 29

Today is a special day, it is my (only) baby’s birthday. Along with daily chanting, with prayers for my baby, I drew a very special oracle card.

The pregnant mermaid card was beautiful imagery that grounded me and made my (already full) heart feel so warm. The message of the card was a positive one for the coming year with my child, predicting “enjoying a time of great good health and of close and nurturing [relationships]..life for a time becomes very simple.”


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