#DoMagick Day 22 and 23: The Siren


Day 22 

Today I did do some chanting, which has a way of stopping me in my tracks and re-grounding me. Its quite cool, I dont even need to chant for long. I’ve been studying Kundalini yoga and am going to add some chants to my practice, as well as trying chanting my Patroness’s enn.


Day 23

I’m a mess today. Like I wrote earlier, today is the event day and I’m feeling quite emotional about it. 

So I turned to Tarot and the Oracles.

I drew the Death card. (My heart always stops for a moment when I do!) No surprise there, as this particular wedding of my dear friend is the end of a chapter and the moving into a new one.

I also looked at my Oracle of the Mermaids. This particular deck is inspired by my relationship with Aphrodite, and has a way of speaking to me eerily so (like my tarot deck). 

I drew another skull card.

Tapping my inner Sea Witch has involved tapping my inner siren, I suppose. While this card maybe has unnerving imagery, it has a positive message, and I feel comforted by it. Mostly, because it confirms my tarot reading, and I feel someone is with me. Unsettling symbols don’t bother me, I find beauty in it. Mainly, I find empowerment in it. I suppose I’m less of a Sea Priestess and more of a siren. In this difficult time, I want to take control of the situation, draw on my seductive Divine Feminine power, and go in with confidence and inner strength.


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