#Domagick Day 19 and 20: Tuesday Tarot, Tea and Baladi

Day 19 
Today I mostly took a rest from magical practice. I had my health to attend to. For those of you who’ve read, I have Crohn’s disease, which includes more endoscopies and colonoscopies that I’ve cared for — but a necessary evil. So that was my day. But just when I’d about written it off, my new baladi dress and CD arrived in the mail. So I did need to play a bit of dress up! 

Day 20

Today I needed to attend to some emotional issues I’ve been having before the new summer solstice and the week’s end. This weekend is, let’s say, a reunion I’ve been dreading. With the coming date, I’m filled with regret, painful nostalgia, and emotional distress. Reunions should be a happy time. So, why?

I drew a tarot card — the six of cups. It was the perfect card to draw. Says Biddy Tarot:

The Six of Cups is a card of childhood, nostalgia, naïve happiness, and generosity. You want to return to the happy memories of your past, whether as a child, teenager or adult. Oftentimes, though, these memories are indeed a thing of the past and reflect aspects of your life that have since vanished…

Oftentimes, there is nothing wrong with looking back at the good times for inspiration when things are not going so well. In the midst of change and crisis, the Six of Cups suggests that looking back at what you have endured is a good way to assure yourself that, whatever trials lay ahead, you will meet them and you will overcome them as you overcame others. After losses such as those on the Fives, the Six of Cups suggests that you need to take time out to heal, look back on the past and all the good that lies there. During this period of reflection, there is no need to focus on the negative. Instead, bring all of the positive energy from the past into your present and your future.

I’ve been reworking the emotional crisis in my mind, so as to reframe in a way that I can draw positivity and energy from the situation — from MY situation specifically — and move forward with strength and confidence. I ultimately have no regret. I don’t want to question the choices that have gotten me in the position I am in, that, incidentally, I want to be in. Now is not the time to start.

I just realised it is the solstice today. I’ve not prepared a ritual yet, but the perfect one is coming to mind. It is going to be a celebration of the fullness of manifestation. 

I spent some time dancing. I love the new CD; worked up quite a sweat as I let my body go to the rhythms. I’m going to incorporate dance into my ritual for sure. I have a bit more planning to do, though I think that will be a nice way to honor the moment. I’ll be sure to write tomorrow about what I ended up doing.

And of course, for any emotional crisis, there is always tea.


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