#Domagick Day 17 and 18: Living Intentionally

Day 17

I spent the day, once again, dancing — I have a new piece of music I’m working with and love getting in touch with the Kemetic goddesses through Egyptian folkloric dance. Also been working with a new set of Goddess oracle cards that includes these powerful Goddesses.

Day 18 

I started today like many of us do, harried and tired. But at some point, I remembered–decided–to live magically, and intentionally. (That means being present in the moment, and with purpose.)

So I started to reset for the week. I started with carefully cleaning and sprucing up my altar. I did some chanting. And I drew some tarot cards for the coming week.  

I used the same pentagram spread I used last week and enjoyed so much. The presence of the Beast of Babylon was not surprising. One card i dont pull often was the Moon, which brough an airy, meyaphysical, comforting feel. One other non-surprise, since I’ve been connecting to my Goddess aspect this week, was the presence of the Queen of Cups. For a long time, I’ve felt this card represented my first Patroness, Aphrodite. Followed by an Ace in the middle, I feel positive for the week.

I also pulled a simple spread from the Daemon Tarot. Stolas in the “present” position was a sight. The owl daemon reminds me of Lilith’s owl correlations; symbolic of (similar to the Moon) wisdom and the night. 

I feel good about this coming week, just need to remember to connect and live intentionally.


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