#Domagick Day 13: Serving Lilith Q&A

Engaged in a little Question and Answer tonight about Lilith, and some about life in general.

Q: How did She call to you?

A: It’s strange, it’s one of those things I just knew. One day I didn’t really know Her (or just knew of Her), and then suddenly, I just had to know Her more. It’s like it was never an option to not. 

You need to have an EXCEEDING amount of respect for Her, not like how some people casually invoke this or that God/ess or demon. 
I had heard of Her, but I was working more with the Greek pantheon so that was it. When I wanted to pick a magical name, something like 10 years ago, I did a ritual I read in a book. The name Lilit was in my head, and then I took a walk around the neighborhood. In the south, it’s common to put a sign in your yard with your kid’s name and jersey number on it, to sort of cheer them on (high school sports, super important in Texas lol). Well I came across a sign for “Lili.” That was LONG before I started to work with Lilith, and She’d already picked me.

Q: How do you go about calling Her?

A: I reach Her best in trance/meditation, full rituals work too but not as well, for me anyway. Are you familiar with using enns? Hers is “Renich viasa avage Lilith lirach.” If you’re not familiar with enns, there’s good information out there and ritual ideas.

I’m a member of Ordo Al-Ghoul, they teach the Rosary to Lilith for women as a method to raise energy and build power, and when you reach the 2nd level of the Order, they teach a method of evocation (along with other things). I’ve had luck with their method. S. Connolly’s “Complete Book of Demonolatry” is a great resource I’ve used too.

Ordo Al-Ghoul Evocation Setup

Q: What have you overcome? How did you do it? What helped you the most? How can you relate that back to the needs of others?

A: Long story short, I’ll try to keep it short anyway! I was VERY ill for years from Crohn’s disease. All of my teenage years. I was looking at major surgery, and my doctor advised me to strengthen my abdominal section to help recover quicker. So I took up belly dancing. Loved it. Got so strong, they were shocked, I recovered and never needed any surgery at all.

Years forward, I finished college (theater arts degree) and started my business as a professional dancer and teacher, teaching women Goddess based belly dance. I own another business now, but learned all my skills from that first business of mine, and how it felt to empower women and lift them up toward health, confidence and spiritual awakening.


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