#DoMagick Day 12: Lilith in Tarot


Beginning a new week, as I committed to, I drew a new tarot spread.


I decided to use a new spread, which I liked, because it draws upon the magical pentagram imagery. I won’t dive into each card’s meaning, you can read about the spread here 

The first surprise was that it was drenched in Goddess imagery. The Empress, the whore of Babylon (Lilith) appeared as my significator. Also back from last week was Ashtaroth. They were joined this week by the Goddess Sekhmet-Bast and Her overflowing blessings.

I spent some time this week really looking at the card imagery. I love the Four of Wands from my deck; the dancing slave girl was reminiscent of my full moon ritual this past week. But my eye was drawn back to Lilith.

Specifically, Her eye. I’ve been reading much this week, from a new grimoire I just recieved (and absolutely adore), Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra. On the cover of the book is imagery of the Eye of Lilith. Take a closer look:

The boom is robust with articles about Lilith, including one on Opening the Eye of Lilith.

On my deck, the dark Necronomicon Tarot, Empress Lilith also emerges from a distinctly similar eye. 

Well, as I lounged in my bath and read Lilith Goddess of Sitra Ahra, I came to a realization. 

What the Eye of Lilith truly looks like is the Yoni. Also the entrance to the womb; the female sex. Lilith is the Dark Goddess of sex and seduction. This all makes sense. Knowing Lilith is, in part, knowing the Yoni. Whether, as a woman, this is knowing yourself, or as a male, knowing Lilith at either a carnal (or even a higher level of true intimacy)–well, use your imagination!

It makes clear sense to me why the Empress of tarot, the figure of fertility, should be Lilith. At least, in my life, She is the true Queen.


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