#DoMagick Day 11: Electrified

When my grandfather passed away a couple years back, I knew the moment he passed on. We were just lounging in our bedroom with the TV on when every light in the house turned on at once. Every lamp, every switch, everything was clicked on throughout the two levels and the basement. Grandpa had been sick and in the hospital, so I knew that was his time. A phone call in the morning confirmed it.

I was reading James Hall’s book “Sangoma” in college anthropology, and he talked about how spirits often operate through lights and electricity. In his spiritual journey, he’d find street lights would blow put as he passed under them, often many in a row. I’ve found the same thing.

Lilith is a daemon spirit who also manifests as electricity and lightning, I have found. I saw Her once in an evocation/meditation as radiating electricity and lightning from Her hands and face. Similar to the picture above. (I found the picture that day so I wouldn’t forget.) After an evening ritual once recently, lightning ripped by my window and through the shade it looked like a figure. I felt it was Her.

Well today, I did a small and brief evocation to Her, to start the new week. (It was the evocation we perform in my Order, Ordo al-Ghoul, if you’re intetested i can send you more information, and/or the e-book is available on Amazon.) Soon after, I heard thunder rumble in the distance. The clouds came in like a wave, and despite no rain in the forecast, we experienced a strong lightning storm. 

Lilith is not subtle!

Hail Lilith, hail the Dark Goddess, and have an electrifying week!


2 thoughts on “#DoMagick Day 11: Electrified

    • I would take a look at it, you may get something from it, definitely! Kindle versions are available on Amazon. I don’t have a Kindle, so I got the pdf files from the Facebook group. The group is easy to find via searching. The 2nd level book is where a lot of the evocation, shapeshifting, etc. is, you gain access to that after practicing level one for a bit.


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