#DoMagick Day Nine: Full Moon Ritual for Prosperity (…When Everything Goes Wrong!)

My Ritual 

(To banish objections and other blockages in business and for prosperity)

Light four black candles (or your color of choice) around a pentacle. I invert my pentacle, so as to draw the power down to me. Light a red candle for Lilith. Use a sigil or other image (I use my statue) to represent Her in the circle. 

Pass your athame through each flame of the elementals, reciting their enns. Call forth Lilith.

Light a gold candle to banish objections and blockages. Take a moment to observe the flame and breathe in the scent. Recite/say a prayer for prosperity. (I sometimes write these words in advance, sometimes I make it up as I go.)

Charge a piece of carnelian with the power to keep you motivated and focused, and to draw forth prosperity when you hold it.

Thank and release each daemon and the Goddess.

My Results

My ritual, as they often are, was a comedy of errors. I recited an enn incorrectly, and worse, accidentally snuffed out one of the candles with my athame. Oops!

I once read, in a book by Stacey Demarco (“The Modern Witch), that sometimes the rituals with mistakes are the most effective. I’ve DEFINITELY found this to be true. I suppose, they are done honestly and with heart. 

Stay tuned after the weekend to see how my results turned out!


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