#Domagick Day Eight: Living a Magickal Life

I spent yesterday how I spend most my days: performing daily ritual, focusing largely on the yoga and breathing exercises; caring for my baby and my little familiar, and moving through my day mindfully. While looking outside my bay window at one point, I noticed a tiny, infant bunny. It got me to thinking.

Making wishes on my wedding day

We, in this lifestyle, choose to live a magical life. While spellcraft and ritual are great, every day, every moment, when lived with mindfulness and intent, are magical. For instance, many people would’ve seen the rabbit, maybe even stopped and watched for a moment. But for me, I recognized it as a comforting sign from the fertility Goddess that all would be alright, and I — we — would be cared for. Seeing the little things in life as omens, not just happenstances, makes life so much richer and more meaningful. That’s the thing I love most about this path I’ve chosen to walk.

Today is the full moon, a time filled with bold power, and boy am I feeling it. My baby sleeps so much less at this time (and I’m not the only one). Living a magical life also means being attuned to the rhythm of the cycle of the earth. I feel cycles are feminine, related to the Goddess. Lilith was Queen of the Heavens and a moon Goddess, before Her name was slandered. (Reference Dr. Barbara Koltuv’s book, the Book of Lilith.) I use a lot of cosmic and moon imagery on my altar, relating to Her. So I plan to do a full moon ritual (which I’ll write about later or tomorrow morning, of course) even if it is as simple as lighting a candle and offering up a prayer.

Here is a simple prayer I wrote a while back:

Ágimus tibi gratias, Lilith, Regína Immortalis
pro universis beneficiis tuis.

(We give thee thanks, Lilith, Immortal Queen
For all your blessings unto us.)


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