#Domagick Day Seven: How To Get Rich, Good Looking, Find Love, Control Minds and More Through Magic

Some would say it can’t be done. I’m going to tell you how.

The only kind of writing is rewriting.

Ernest Hemingway

WHY start an essay about magic with a quote about writing? Well, I’ll get into that.

But first, let’s talk a bit about physics and mathematics. (If you’ve read my introduction, “Meet Lili,” you may remember I have a Master’s degree in which I studied a lot of the latter, so pardon me while I geek out a bit.) The entire universe is based on perception. Your perception. Time, for instance, is not a constant; time can bend and change based on where you are in the universe at that moment, and how your mind biochemically perceives events. This is similar to how we perceive others, our surroundings — a shade of blue, for instance, can be three different colors to three different people (dealing with the internal self), and a different shade on a different day to one person, should their eyes be watery or infected (dealing with the external self) or the light quality change (dealing with external surroundings).

Ok, what the hell Lili, you were going to talk about magic, now you’re talking about Hemingway and Einstein. I’m tempted to skim to the “good stuff.”

Well, both of them described the natural world around them. Magic is a part of, and in ways a manipulation of, the natural world. This IS the “good stuff.”

Magic occurs in three ways.

  • Manipulation of the internal self
  • Manipulation of the external self
  • Manipulation of external surroundings (including others).

For instance, gaining wealth, or parochially, “getting rich” is done through a mix of manipulation of the internal self (I’ll explain) and of course, manipulation of external surroundings. Becoming good looking, losing weight, getting a better body, anything along those lines is also a manipulation of the internal self, and manipulation of the external self. Controlling minds, time travelling, psychokinesis, psychism, things in those fields are manipulation of the internal self and external surroundings (similar to our wealth example).

The unifying thread common in all these examples is, manipulation of the internal self. Essentially, to change the world around you and to change your experience, you change yourself and your perception first.

You rewrite your own story.

First, there are a few essential forms of magic.

  • Petitioning Divinities/entities

This is, personally, my least favorite form. But it is a favorite of many, largely because, it requires the least amount of work. It also, I find, has the least reliable (and therefore poorest) results. That’s for me. But if it works for you, great!

In this method, you develop a relationship with a Divinity or entity (God or Goddess, spirit, daemon, etc.) and essentially you petition them, or ask them for things. In Abrahamic belief, you pray to God, Jesus, Allah, or to saints or angels (to pray to God on your behalf) for things — health, wealth, etc. Esentially the belief is that, if God likes your prayer enough or if it is part of His plan, He will grant your request.

One might see how this can be limiting.

Nevertheless, pagans, magicians, lightworkers and demonolaters alike often continue to use this method with a variety of Gods and Goddesses, spirits, demons, angels, ad nauseam. They give offerings, prayers, meditations, actions, etc. to their entity of choice in return for what they seek. It is one method — not my favorite, but it can work. (It is undoubtedly the Lilith in me that dislikes the submissiveness.)

  • High and Low Magic

I’m going to piss people off lumping them together, but they accomplish much of the same things. These are your rituals, including ceremonial (high) magic, and spellcraft (low) magic. Tons of resources on both, I won’t get into them.

Chaos magic can go in this category, including creating sigils, servitors, etc. Again, tons of information on these methods of manipulating surroundings.

Similar to petitioning, results are based on the power of the magician, karma, what’s “meant to be” and other things, and can have mixed results.

  • Elevating your Self to divinity

A favorite frenemy of dark magicians is E.A. Koetting. (I have my own opinion; for now I’ll save that story.) He coined the term, and created an industry for himself out of, “Become a Living God.”

When I was young, I didn’t want to be a princess or movie star. I wanted to be a Goddess. THAT, to me, was where all the power was. I shelved it as impossible, until later in life when I found the Left Hand Path. I don’t like left or right hand, to me it takes both to make magic. But that’s the term that encompasses Luciferianism, the Promethean philosophy, and self deification. In essence, becoming a God/dess.

This method requires a lot of research, study and practice to master the skills of manipulating internal self, external self, and surroundings. However, I believe it is in line with the cosmic law of “as above, so below.” The universe in its entirety is one entity and set of laws, so if there is divinity above, so to is there power and divinity on earth.

Now, let’s get back to narrarative, perception, writing and rewriting your own story, shall we? Here is the “good stuff.”

There is no one way to do things. And there are a million different combinations.


Imagine if you will, a stream. Wealth is the flow of that water to you. Some people were born in the middle of a river. Others, sometimes literally, in the middle of a desert.

How to make the stream flow your way?

You can petition. Easy to try, may have mixed results.

Try a spell. Green candle, buried money, ad nauseam, may work, mixed results.

Command it. Demand it. This is new-agey law of attraction stuff. Can work. Mixed results.

Can great wealth come from nowhere? Maybe. It’s like doing a rain dance and expecting Noah’s flood. Maybe it happens. I don’t know. But I don’t spend my time and energy on rain dances because I dont believe in Noah — I believe in myself.

Try rewriting your narrarative. This is change of the internal self. First you examine if there is anything you can get rid of, not add. Is fear blockading you from your potential? Paralyzing procrastination, or fear of people, or fear of failing (for some)? Do not underestimate what our blockages keep us from. In yesterday’s post, I wrote about using a spell (a banishing candle and Lilith sigil) to banish others’ objections (manipulating surroundings) as well as my own fear as a woman in the man’s world of business (manipulating internal self).

You need to constantly work with the steam to carve a new path and draw water to you. That means tearing down dams and blockages.

It also means, FINDING the water. If you are in the proverbial desert, streams don’t usually pop up, you need to go to the fertile crescent where they are. You need to change who you are, through education, amount of effort, ingenuity, friendships, SOMETHING to rewrite your narrarative. Seek help from the divine. I might light a green candle daily to the great God Pan for prosperity and musical inspiration. I also constantly educate myself, and improve. I’ve also changed my perception–wealth to me now is taking care of my family and home. Perspective on time (all we need is just a little patience…) and the size of the universe has changed for me with having a child, and owning a business over just dreaming of one.

Magic doesn’t make the water appear. It does grease the channel.

Beauty and Love

The first Goddess I worked with, as a 13-year-old, awkward, “ugly duckling” teenager was the Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. All I wanted was to feel beautiful, and loved. To me that was the most important thing in the world. My magical practice revolved around sleeping, eating and breathing this Goddess. I joined a high magic Hellenic Reconstructionist circle, and celebrated Sabbats in a tablecloth toga and rose quartz crystals.

Years later, I had grown into a lovely woman, and was rarely single, with my choice of men.

I attempted to manipulate my external self, and in ways, did. (Look up “glamour spells” if you wish.) But in the process, manipulated my internal self. I took up belly dancing, grew confident and strong in my sexuality as well as healthy and lean, and I learned by observing strong, smart, artistic, wonderful women and working on becoming so myself.

Did I win my dream rockstar guy? Ha! I never even met him! But love came and it came after first feeling like a Goddess, and loving myself. My perspective–my love–has only deepened by seeing him be a wonderful father to my baby.

Did I grow a gorgeous Angelina pout or immediately shed pounds? Not without an allergic reaction or tapeworm — be careful what you wish for!

Controlling Minds, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Flight, etc.

What abilities is the mind capable of? I don’t know. Like I said, I’m something of a mathematician, not a scientist. But the concepts of percentages and deviation indicates that outliers certainly are possible.


Controlling minds is a matter of manipulation of others/your surroundings, and the surest way to read or control minds is to understand your own, and to understand how to manipulate your internal self to meet their needs and change their perception. I hope through this post I’ve indicated that manipulation of the internal is the surest way to manipulate the external.

For instance, to fly, either manipulate your internal perception (find information on “astral travel,”) or manipulate your external self (I don’t know, petition Deity to grow wings? Get high as hell? I’ll go with the former.) Or manipulate your surroundings — get some wealth, and buy a plane ticket.

This blog post is a first draft. Just a humble blog post. I will likely re-write it many times over if I’m ever to feel finished with it. But there is no finish. I will continue to learn and my perception will adapt and change, I’m not sure which way or how. All I know is…

If you figure out flight, can you write a blog about it?


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