#Domagick Day Five and Six: Performing Magic with the Mind

Day Five

I once took an online quiz about styles of witchcraft. One of the questions was, “you have a straw and a packet of salt. Can you perform magic?” The answers ranged from, I need my consecrated athame and altar tools, to sure, hand me that salt, to I don’t even need that!

I answered the latter.

I love my beautiful altar tools. They are meaningful to me, often I’ve made or found them myself. I keep them well maintained and charged. And I love the art of practicing magic and spellcraft; there is nothing like it.

However, sometimes, for whatever reason, you can’t perform a full ritual of magic. Yesterday, I ran into this very issue. I did not have the privacy and time I needed to perform a ritual I wanted — banishing objectives in business. So I did the next best thing. In my mind’s eye, I visualized the banishing candle I had at home. I imagined carving my intent into the wax, and lighting the beautiful candle, breathing in its fragrance.

You know what? It worked!

Day Six

This morning, I found myself in the same position as yesterday. I had an opportunity to meet with a top executive in my company, and wanted — needed — to make a good, and strong, impression as a businesswoman in this industry. For this reason, I considered wearing my Lilith sigil necklace. For many reasons though, primarily that I need to keep my spirituality under wraps in my public life, I decided not to do this. 

Instead, I spent the morning performing my daily rituals and meditating on the sigil. Again, I kept it in my mind’s eye vividly as I attended the meeting, just as aware of it as if it were hanging around my neck.

The meeting went wonderfully.

To invoke the Goddess Lilith, or anyone, you don’t need candles and sigils and wands and the whole ritual. These things are a wonderful way to connect to your own inner magic, and to channel the magical world around you. But does a witch lose her power once the candle is blown out? No. Your connection is built through your relationship and your constant daily work. From there, you only need an enn, or an internal prayer, or whatever it is you use to call on the Divine. From there, it is a meeting of your body and Her Divine Spirit. 


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