#Domagick Day Three: Shapeshifter

I had a very detailed, specific, and memorable lucid dream on the astral plane where I shapeshifted into another woman. Not where I WAS another woman, but where I was myself but in a replica of her body. I got to experience her life, her home, her acquaintances, and all her setbacks and failures. (Biggest takeaway, it’s cliche but I truly felt it: money and fame do not bide happiness.)

Shapeshifting has a long history. Some examples:

  • Native shamans would shapeshift into animals, such as wolves or bison, and enact a hunt before the hunt would occur. This is called sympathetic magic, and is ancient.
  • Mesoamerican shamans and warriors would shapeshift into jaguars to move through the jungles silently.
  • Lycanthropes, otherkin, witches, and magicians may shapeshift.

I once saw an experienced witch I admire shapeshift into the dark daemon Goddess Lilith. There was a conflict where she needed to determine who was telling the truth and bring out the honesty, no matter how dark, in someone. She took a private moment, and when she came back, she WAS Lilith. The remarkable thing was how everyone around her responded. They were electrified, agitated, and started spilling the truth as if it was being drawn from them.

My Order I belong to teaches shapeshifting at a higher level. The primary method is the first.

There are a few methods to shapeshifting:

  • Summoning a daemon, who specializes in teaching shapeshifting, and asking them.
  • Trance states and astral travel. This is the method I had used.
  • Specific spells or rituals. I’m not familiar with any specifically, though I know they exist. 
  • Ecstatic dance. This is often employed by shamans. It can be ritualistic and beautiful when done correctly.

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