#Domagick Day Four: Messages from Ashteroth

As I committed to doing at the beginning of this challenge, I started my week with a tarot and oracle cards reading.

My favorite deck to work with, due to the dark imagery and the results I get from it, is based on the Necronomicon. I use a simple four card draw for basic daily guidance that I learned early on when I started learning tarot (self, past-present-future). 

This week, I’m starting a new project and lessons, related to my music. It made so much sense to me that I should draw the Fool for the present card, and Strength for my future. The Fool, as we know, signifies the start of a journey, and Strength (not failure) the natural consequence. My Lady Babylon, or Lilith, the Empress, (sometimes calls Babylon or the Whore of Babylon) sits at top.

I also drew from the Daemon Tarot, my newest deck I’ve been working with, and not really traditional tarot as much as they are oracle cards. I was excited to see, for a second time, Ashtaroth. 

The Fool in the Necronomicon deck is represented by Azatoth, a fictional character who is an amalgamation of Azrael, Archangel of Death, and Ashtaroth. He is the blind, idiot God who is noted for his thin flutes (similar imagery to the Lucifer/Satan-like God Pan), and chaos. Ashtaroth, on the other hand, is the Daemon derived from Ashtoreth, or Ishtar/Astarte. It was beautiful and warm for me to see the Goddesses Lilith and Ashtoreth both in readings for this week, in their way. Beauty truly derives from darkness, and Strength from novice!


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