#Domagick Day 2: Charging the Lilith Sigil

This past week, I was SO excited to receive the sigil necklace of Lilith I’ve been wanting since starting my practice! I finally found the reason to buy it for myself, and just loved receiving it in the mail.

I wanted to start my June month of magic with a proper charging of the sigil. I’m familiar with the ritualistic burning of paper sigils, but what about one more permanent?

This blog post offers some great ideas for charging sigils, and I decided on the mirror box method. The mirror reflects the sigil’s magic, sending it back into the sigil, in an infinite loop. 
I loved the idea, and my Daemon in Rosas box has a mirror in the lid, which was perfect. So I placed the necklace in there, to let it do its magic!

I plan to leave it there for the week until next week’s full moon, when I’ll do a full ritual to complete the charge. After that, I plan to keep it as a piece of ritual jewellery.

How do you charge your sigils?


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