A Healing Ritual to Lilith

Good news! It looks like my animal friend is going to make a complete recovery! Thank you all for your kind words and keeping him in your thoughts and magic.

I wanted to share the ritual I did for healing. 

I used one of S. Connolly’s rituals to cast a circle, adapting it a bit. She writes to light a candle for each elemental daemon, moving in a circle. I like to put 5 black and red candles in an inverted pentagram, the 5th representing spirit. 

Then I passed my athame through the flames and smoke of each candle, reciting the enns for each. (She suggests passing the athame through incense, though I can’t burn incense, so that’s an adaptation I made.) 

Finally, for the ritual portion, I summoned Lilith with her sigil (in the center), and enn. I took my athame and, with him sitting next to me like he always does, I placed my athame on his head and asked the Goddess for healing for him. Then I pointed my athame and asked for health for everyone in my household. Then I closed the circle.

So yesterday I spoke with his vet, and she expects full recovery. He wishes you all a happy spring!


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