Rosary to Lilith

Yesterday I made, and today I started working with, a rosary to Lilith.

There are a couple things I’ve noticed about working with a physical rosary. First, it is a point of energy. The rosary is crafted out of silver and semiprecious stones. The rose quartz beads draw fertility and abundance. The rose quartz rose (guru bead) is meant as an offering to Lilith. The black onyx beads are a stone of the dark Goddess, and there are 7, to represent the 7 Virtues (daily decrees, or the rules and exercises dictated by the order). The hematite star is also a stone of the dark Goddess, and represents Lilith’s role as a celestial entity, and queen of all things (all elements). Finally, of course, there is a charm of the winged snake Goddess Herself. The stones all seem to draw an energy and electricity to them that I could feel as I did my daily magical work. 

Second, it is also a point of focus. I wore my rosary this morning, tucking it under my shirt so it wouldn’t fall in my face during the yoga asanas. As I practiced conscious breathing and meditation, the cool shock of the rosary against my bare skin became a focal point for my breath and my mind, as though calling attention right to my heart chakra.

I recommend a rosary, prayer beads, energy beads or a Mala to anyone in magical practice. They can be easy to make or find, especially online, and can really enhance a magical practice.


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