Metamorphosis: An Encounter with Lilith

I finally saw Lilith last night.

You have to keep in mind, I took Her name about 8 or 9 years ago. As a dancer studying kundalini, and a women’s rights activist, the snake goddess of female empowerment has always been significant to me.

Well, She finally appeared to me. It was brief, and She didn’t communicate — yet communicated volumes.

Lilith appeared to me with black and red butterfly wings.

I know, butterfly wings sound so fluffy-clouds and fairy-princesses to some. But I really felt this was significant.

Lilith’s symbol is the screech owl. Some translations of the old testament even call Her a screech owl directly.

This makes Her, at least in part, an air spirit. So butterfly wings would not be far off for a spirit of inspiration and the winds of change.

It reminded me of a picture I’d seen of Lilith recently:

She is entwined with a snake, yes, but also has butterfly/moth wings. That got me thinking the first time I saw the image, about the snake who sheds her skin just as a butterfly sheds her former self.

More though, I think the lesson of Her visit was metamorphosis.

Not so much Her metamorphosis as mine. I am halfway through the #domagick challenge today, and I’m a couple weeks into daily practice of my new system, and experiencing some strong changes in myself. They are thrilling and sometimes a little frightening, as I she’d my preconceptions and actually work with daemons for the first time. Business is growing, with their help. So is my son. I’ve experienced healing, rising energy, and encounters with new entities that require a fearlessness in myself.

Butterflies have always been a totem of mine and meant something to me. The first 20 years of my life I was the awkward and lost “ugly duckling,” until I started changing my life with magic and intent. Now I’m feeling the same thing as I shed maidenhood to really embrace my mother status. My new life.

My wonderful life. A life, now, with Lilith.


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