Quoth the Raven

I was meditating on Lilith (I should meditate every day, but I’m afraid I only do when I feel I need it). So I was meditating on Lilith and focusing with all my ability on my intention: for her to help me and my family with our work and meeting our needs. I don’t usually open my eyes while meditating, but I did, and saw a shadowy shape of a raven.

Now I know there are a few raven or raven-headed demons, I’ve read about them but I wasn’t sure who it was. So I focused my meditation on Lilith, and the Raven Demon. 

As SOON as I was done, only moments later, I received a phone call that one of our longtime clients, who we’d thought we’d lost, wanted to buy.

A little later in the day, I received in the mail a Daemon Tarot deck I’d ordered. I was so excited, I pulled it open, handled the deck, and tried giving a card a pull.

I pulled Amon. The raven-headed demon. A demon of repairing relationships, it seemed apropos that he should’ve been my visitor. 

I’m thrilled to make the acquaintance of another helpful demon, and for such a successful meditation to Lilith. Ravens, which have often seemed like such a scavenging nuisance, now have very different meaning for me.


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