How to Get What You Want

Having an infant gives quite an interesting point of view on human psychology.

I was with my baby (like every day), and watching him play with toys, when I got to thinking about this. Toys, for infants, are really actually educational, how they learn and develop. He has a box with shapes in it, and loves to rip off the lid and dump out the plastic shapes, holding them and putting them in his mouth and banging them on the ground. (They never actually go back IN the box until I put them there, ha.) He is clumsy and easily confused, but persistent.

I thought about how we learn and develop. You can be told a million times, but do you even understand the words the adults are using? You can observe. That’s great for a while, but the average person (especially babies) gets restless. Sometimes, you have to rip the lid off the box and bang on things until they start to make sense. Just as we rip the lid off of our selves and get digging into all the hard plastic pieces inside.

So what’s with the title of this post? What does this have to do with getting what we want?

I get a lot of requests and messages on social media. There are two questions I hear all the time. The first one is about if I’m interested in sex magic, or tantra, or the like. (The answer if you’re interested is an unequivocally, resounding, NO. Disgusting!) My second most frequently asked question is, “will you do magic on me?”

I actually empathize with where people are coming from. Really I do. I know what it’s like to be awkward and wishing you had all the friends in the world. Wanting to be loved. Wanting to be beautiful. Wanting, needing, money. Wanting SO BADLY for life to be better and feeling desperately that if only something were different, you would be happy.

I never cast magic on anyone. First, I don’t know if I even could or if it would work. Ultimately, here’s why. Magic is a process of Self improvement. Going through the self first to tap into the universe and the powers that she, (some call her God), holds. It is ripping off the lid to see all the colorful shapes. (Literally, if you understand some sacred geometry, it is!)

One thing about my baby, is he doesn’t understand his wants and needs. He wants to play, but needs to eat and get sleep. He wants to cuddle with mom and dad ALL the time, but we need to earn a living, take care of the house, and take care of him.

We are infants compared to the vast, and ageless, universe. As we play and interact with things around us, we actually grow and develop. While we think we want to be hot and rich and popular, as we explore our universe, we learn what it really holds and really means for us. Sure, spellcrafting is a great thing, I’ve used it to improve my life in extraordinary ways. But I’ve learned far more from the process of exploring self and interacting with the universe, than I have just getting what I want at the moment. 

And my power has grown this way. Power to evoke, divine, craft and cast, yes. But also my personal power. That’s been a huge part of exploring the left hand path for me, has been exploring the self. But that’s a blog for another day.

Go ahead, study, observe, bang on things, learn. Go get what you want, through exploring your personal power. And prepare to be transformed in the process.


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