Fighting My Demons with the Help of…My Daemons 

I’ve noticed a serious decrease in my cravings since invoking my daemon for help with my addiction.

I’m not going to say “I’m free from my habit!” After 17 years I know better than to think that. (Not to day it isn’t possible, maybe it is.) I’ve noticed a couple things.

We all have times of day that the desire from addiction waxes and wanes. Maybe you have your evening drink. For me, it’s hard to get my day going and to move past the thinking without my “fix”. Incidentally, we have times of day that our magical powers do, as well. Maybe we’re aligned with a moon cycle, maybe solar, maybe you’re like me and a creature whose power comes at night. Are these two things correlated, that when I am closest to my magic and my daemons, that my “inner demons” are most at bay? I think so.

As I said when I talked about increasing my power through daily ritual, however, I’ve also increased power during the waning/regenerative times. I do my daily ritual every morning, pretty much first thing. I’m up with my baby, so that’s often at sunrise or before. I’ve increased my power and ability to fight my addiction with the help of my partner demon at those moments, as well as tapping into the energy this practice brings me throughout the day.

Lilith. A daemon helping me fight my demons.

Where do these demons even come from? How is it that daemons help with your inner demons? The great and unparalleled occultist Aleister Crowley wrote, and I included this quote in another post, “the spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain.”

I posed this to a favorite online discussion group, and the responses varied wildly. “Crowley is cracked,” some said, calling his mind “drug-addled” (now THAT we can’t disagree with). But some took a different viewpoint. “Crowley was implying (in his usual, convoluted ways) that these Spirits were external manifestations of our entire subconscious.”

…and we are portions of that subconscious, too. Trippy.

I’m not going to purport to know the answer, apologies if you’ve read this far thinking I have it. I do know the universe, “God” as some may call it, is a massive work of sacred geometry and divine mathematics that has spawned life and “creations” that are as real as they are visible, touchable, and interactive. The currents of energy we work with flowing from the Godhead, the source, are very real manifestations, whether from our own subconscious (the universe’s ability to be conscious of itself), from a creation, or something else.

Perhaps inner demons are as real, and destroyable, as external daemons.



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