Guided Meditation

I’ve done this meditation for two nights now, both with powerful and beautiful results.

I am the Primordial One.

Note: I have a machine in my baby’s room that makes the sound of a mother’s heartbeat in the womb. I utilize that for this meditation. There are many videos on YouTube or elsewhere online that create that same sound.

Embrace the sound of the mother’s heartbeat and the rushing water of the womb. Imagine yourself a child in the womb of the Goddess, in the primordial soup that created life.

Pull your legs, arms and back into a fetal position, Child’s Pose if you wish. Concentrate on your breath, matching the sound of the heartbeat.

From behind closed eyes, stare into the abyss of the black ether. Concentrate and allow a face to appear before your eyes. See the shape first, then allow the outline to come in, and last, the details. What do you see? Who do you see? 

You may ask, “who are you?” Be firm but not demanding. Feel the answer. Prepare for it to be poetic, and not a “straight answer.”

With your heart and your mind’s eye, you may converse with the Being. Allow Him or Her to go as they wish, with gratitude.

Who did you meet? What do you know now that you didn’t before?


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