Dancing in the Dark: Facing the Music and Doing the Magic

New Moon Evocation to Astarte/Astaroth

​Today is the last day before the #domagick challenge. I’m excited to say I’ve found a really great system of magic, that has an element of daily practice, and a group that I’ve now joined and committed to. 

I’m going to jump in — no, dive — down the rabbit hole and practice some dark magic. It’s the direction I’ve been called and I’m excited to see where it continues to take me.


Daily practice consists of raising magical energy by:

– A healthy morning diet

– Celibacy from addictions and gratuitous sex

– Yoga asanas 

– Breathing exercises

– Toltec body/chakra work

– Daily magic devotionals (lighting candles and offerings)

All in all, the morning routine should take about 15 minutes. 

Where the excitement is, though, is in those extra rituals I’m going to add in. I plan to continue to honor the moon cycle, and the Sabbat. Additionally, I know life will bring me opportunities — or, REQUIRE me — to practice evocations, astral projection, and other spell work.

Additionally, I’ll be adding reading and scholarly study where possible.

Stay tuned for more posts.


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